Experience the USA on your bike

Two-wheelers are the best way to experience the nature. They are better than buses and cars because they allow you to enjoy the ride rather than just enduring it. Our organization has many exciting tours you can take, and they span all across the USA, and this includes Alaska. This post will review some of those tours.
The organization also has many bicycle tours, and you should check other posts on our page if you are interested in those.

The best Alaskan tours we offer

I and others, from the organization, love Alaska, and thus we go on regular trips through the Alaskan countryside. The team offers more than half a dozen of tours through the Alaska, but this post will mention only several of those.
The Best of Alaska is a tour that is 1600 miles long. This journey takes you around the south-central Alaska which allows you to see various locations along the coast of Alaska. The route also goes in into the interior and through some places that have historical significance due to the gold rush era. The tour lasts for seven days, and the 1600 miles of the road is paved, and thus there isn’t any off-road driving.

The other Alaskan trip I like is the Northern Alaskan adventure. This adventure takes you to the northern Alaska where you can experience Northern Lights all through the voyage. Our organization organizes this tour every fall as that is the best time to experience the nature and Northern Lights. More than half of the route goes over paved roads, but around 30 percent is off-road. There is also the option to take more than half the tour off the paved road.

Continental inter-state tours we organize

bike-sunsetWest of the USA is excellent for motorcycle touring, and our organization organizes many tours on the West Coast. One of the most notable is The Pacific Coast tour. It goes through the majority of Coastal states including California, and it also runs through Yosemite and Sequoia national parks. Another tour you might like is the American Southwest adventure that takes you through Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and this includes riding through several natural parks.

We organize custom tours

Many people are interested in traveling on their bicycles and motorcycles, but they aren’t interested in tours we offer. This is why we offer custom tours where you can choose where to go and when. If there are more people interested in the same or similar route, then we will organize and lead it.