We are an organization that organizes and leads journeys to various places. We arrange two types of trips, those on motorcycles and those on bicycles. We take people to different cross-state and cross-country rides to exotic locations that are perfect for these types of travel. Check our site for more info.





Traveling on two wheels allows you to enjoy the nature during the journey. You can do that in the car as well, but it isn’t the same as it doesn’t allow you to enjoy the fresh air and all the smells it contains.


The sense of individuality is something that two-wheelers offer and the thing you can’t emulate with other types of transportation. Traveling in a bus with fifty other people might be cheap, but it isn’t enjoyable. On the other hand, riding your bike or bicycle is way more enjoyable than that.


The sense of camaraderie you get by driving a motorcycle with twenty or more other people or riding a bike with ten other enthusiasts is something reserved for these two types of transportation. You won’t feel that in a bus filled with screaming kids and elders.


Traveling on a bicycle isn’t for everyone. Only those that are willing to spend a lot of energy to travel should apply to one of our journeys on bikes. But those that like bicycles know how enjoyable is to use the strength of the body to propel the vehicle and the satisfaction once the goal is achieved.


More and more people buy motorcycles due to their versatility. Long bike journeys are something we organize on a regular basis due to a high interest in this traveling. People like motorbikes because they allow people to express their individuality and enjoy the ride rather than just enduring the drive and hoping for the end of the trip.


Recumbent tricycle is an attractive design that combines the social aspect of a tricycle and the comfort of the recumbent style. The recumbent design introduces ergonomic benefits to riders, but this means you won’t be able to ride the tricycle on anything except the flat ground.
Those that want to stroll through the city in a company of two more people and not get tired by the traditional style of riding. Do note that this isn’t for those that have to travel over the uneven surface.

recumbent tricycle